Explosive Sheep


Store Manager/Founder

Special Powers

Skilled hand to hand combat





Explosive Sheep is a manager at SheepCo. and the guardian of Chaos City. He runs a laboratory under his coat store where he manufactures his trade mark wool coats. His arch enemy is fellow coat maker Violent Pig.

Early LifeEdit

Sheep was born in the year 2988. By the year 3006 he was the most successful businessheep in the nation. His super comfortable wool made his coats immensely popular. SheepCo's only competitor was a fellow coat maker named Violent Pig. In an effort to run SheepCo out of business, Violent Pig decided to try to clone his own sheep using wool from their last encounter. Professor Sheep prepared Sheep to invade Violent Pig's laboratory and destroy the cloning machine and any sheep clones. Sheep was successful in overpowering the clone army and was able to destroy GRAS Labs, Violent Pig however, was blown to safety.

Legend of the Golden FleeceEdit

After the destruction of their only competition, SheepCo. was able to expand and hire extra help.

Violent TakeoverEdit